Travel Services

Getting to, through and from the airport has become a talent for some passengers. Business travellers especially have mastered the art of economical packing and leaving the timing of arrival to military precision perfection. Others favour arriving early and enjoying the experience of shopping or having something to eat and drink before a flight. Others still are in transit and are simply making the best of their time while waiting for onward flights, often browsing the delights available in the myriad of shops.

Meet & Greet

Fast Track

Lounge Access

Passengers can drive straight up to the terminal – we’ll meet them and securely park their car.

No delays, no queues – fast-track through the airport with little stress or hassle.

Give the opportunity to your passengers to relax in a tranquil lounge away from all the stresses of the airport before they fly and enjoy a drink and a snack before they board.


Baggage Handling

Visa Services

Passengers can have their baggage handled by a porter on the day of their flight.

Baggage can be collected in advance of travel and custom cleared so that passengers can just turn up at the airport and sail through unencumbered.

Passengers can use our visa assistance services to make their trip plain sailing from start to finish and in transit.

Whatever their preference, RedAir’s selection of travel services offer your passengers choice and convenience in their travel experience, at the same time affording you vital, additional income with no operational overheads.