RedAssist is an InsurTech service from RedAir, offering airlines an automated, full-service, self-service, digitally delivered, flight delay compensation payment platform that:

  • removes the pain, the need and the costs associated with claims handling,
  • reduces balance sheet impact and
  • turns a negative PR situation into one where you delight and surprise your passengers.


Passengers benefit too from an automated and immediate payment following a flight delay event.  There are no more lengthy claim forms to fill in and no delay in receiving compensation.  Payment via RedAssist is immediate and gives your passengers flexibility and convenience at the time when they’re most impacted.  Passengers are free to spend their compensation online on booking a new flight or a hotel room or anything else they choose.


Delaying compensation payments to passengers only serves to further annoy them and to add insult to injury.  That’s hardly a recipe for great customer satisfaction – a situation that they’re all too likely to post on social media for all to read about.

The administrative burden and the costs associated are removed with RedAssist.  The positive impact of this on the airline is significant and highly beneficial to its bottom line performance.  Delaying before paying only serves to further annoy passengers and to add insult to injury.  That’s hardly a recipe for great customer satisfaction.

Regulators tend only to get drawn into dispute situations when the passenger feels that the airline isn’t listening and that there’s nowhere else to go.  Typically, they’re not geared up to act as a complaints facility and so escalation often results in further delay and frustration.  What makes it worse for the regulator is that they have no commercial gain from helping out – they’re simply the mediator or enforcer.


Getting to, through and from the airport has become a talent for some passengers. Business travellers especially have mastered the art of economical packing and leaving the timing of arrival to military precision perfection. Others favour arriving early and enjoying the experience of shopping or having something to eat and drink before a flight. Others still are in transit and are simply making the best of their time while waiting for onward flights, often browsing the delights available in the myriad of shops.

Passengers can drive straight up to the terminal- we'll meet them and securely park their car.
No delays, no queue - fast-track through that airport with little stress or hassle.
Give the opportunity to your passengers to relax in a tranquil lounge away from all the stress of the airport before they fly and enjoy a drink and a snack before they board.
Passengers can have their baggage handled by a porter on the day of their flight.
Baggage can be collected on advance of travel and custom cleared so that passengers can just turn up at the airport and sail through unencumbered.
Passengers can use our visa assistance services to make their trip plain sailing from start to finish and in transit.
Whatever their preference, RedAir’s selection of travel services offer your passengers choice and convenience in their travel experience, at the same time affording you vital, additional income with no operational overheads.


We have a wealth of experience in delivering payment services to a wide range of clients.

One area where airlines often incur significant costs is in managing how crew are paid their “per diem” allowances.

With standby crew often receiving the wrong payments, a paper trail ensues that can cost an airline dearly over the year.  Our solution to this is based on a MasterCard solution from EQUALS and provides a CHIP & PIN card plus an online app to manage the account.

As an airline, you can easily manage individual accounts via an online dashboard, providing complete control, flexibility and convenience to your entire crew.


It’s not the Colonel’s secret sauce recipe but these FAQs might help answer some of your initial questions – contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail

RedAssist is a full-service (providing all the required elements of technology, insurance, claims and payments) flight delay compensation platform for airlines.  With a secure and scalable foundation build on private blockchain technology from IBM, we’re an InsurTech business plus we have a strong industry background in insurance and payment technologies and services too.

Automatically, seamlessly and quickly.  

RedAssist monitors the flight status and when a flight delay event happens, it triggers a compensation payment without any passenger or airline intervention.  In short, no claim form is needed and therefore no delay in payment is introduced.  

Most importantly, it provides the passenger with an experience that is almost the total opposite of the seriously slow and frustrating process that most airlines still insist that passengers endure today (which is why passengers take to social media instead and just complain about how bad the airline is).

Traditionally, airlines offer passengers third party (often white-labelled / branded by the airline) travel insurance products but few passengers buy it.  Under these old fashioned schemes, when passengers suffer a delay, they have to fill in claim forms and wait for compensation.  While they’re waiting, they’re telling friends, family and (social media) followers all about their bad experience with your airline.  Airlines often have to pay compensation from their own profits and so they deliberately delay making payment.

RedAssist is dramatically different to outdated B2C services.  

RedAssist is designed to cover 100% of your passengers.  It enables automatic and immediate payment of compensation plus it removes the “bottom line” cashflow impact of the airline having to pay from its own pocket.


RedAssist is a highly configurable service that allows you to set the time before payment and also the amount.  It can be the same for all passengers or specific to class of ticket.  It’s effectively an ex gratia payment that you control.  If you want RedAssist to pay out on departure delay versus arrival delay, you can do that too.  And, of course, we can build it around EU261/2004 and/or any other local/regional/international regulatory frameworks too.  Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Yes.  Our motto is “Making things right, when things go wrong!

We know that passengers don’t care why they’re late – only that they are.  So, whatever causes the delay, we’ll pay.  No excuses and no exclusions, only a better passenger experience.

If a delay occurs, then they only need to click on a link that’ll they’ll get sent electronically and to follow a simple process (it’s only a few clicks and a few minutes of their time) to confirm their details and then they’ll receive their compensation immediately.1  Nothing more than that.  

Most outdated B2C services take days before the passenger gets any to see any compensation – that’s not what your passengers want or need.

For us, it’s all about ICE – Immediacy, Convenience and Experience!

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