About RedAir

Everything we do is driven by innovation and positive disruption. We look at the bigger picture, ensuring that airlines, passengers and regulators all derive the value that each needs to make our products and services a win-win-win and that we serve them up with ICE: Immediacy, Convenience and Experience.

We look at how people travel through new eyes – often thinking about solutions from a passenger’s perspective first but always ensuring a win-win for you, the airline, too.

Quite simply, our mission is to deliver stakeholder value to both passenger and airline.  Great companies succeed because they deliver value to their customers – that’s exactly our ethos too.

How we help airlines to add value is via a range of services and products that are both intrinsically valuable in the passenger journey as well as innovative in their use of technology including AI and Blockchain.  We strive to combine practicality with innovation and that vision for making the passenger experience when travelling will remain at the forefront of our vision for RedAir.

The information below gives you an overview of our products and services but there’s no substitute for talking to us so that we can find out more about your requirements and so that you can learn how our solutions will help you and your passengers – fill in the Contact Us form and we’ll get straight back to you.


Immediate & Automatic Flight Delay Compensation

RedAssist is an InsurTech service from RedAir, offering airlines an automated, full-service, self-service, digitally delivered, flight delay compensation platform that:

  • removes the pain, the need and the costs associated with claims handling,
  • reduces balance sheet impact and
  • turns a negative PR situation into one where you delight and surprise your passengers.

Passengers benefit too from an automated and immediate payment following a flight delay event.  There are no more lengthy claim forms to fill in and no delay in receiving compensation.  Payment via RedAssist is immediate and gives your passengers flexibility and convenience at the time when they’re most impacted.  Passengers are free to spend their compensation online on booking a new flight or a hotel room or anything else they choose.

Airlines reduce the impact on ground crew and cabin crew as well as reducing the time and cost impacts of having to maintain complaints and claims handling teams to review, assess and pay out again an event that we all know is going to happen from time to time.  The administrative burden and the costs associated are removed with RedAssist.  The positive impact of this on the airline is significant and highly beneficial to its bottom line performance.  Delaying before paying only serves to further annoy passengers and to add insult to injury.  That’s hardly a recipe for great customer satisfaction.

Regulators tend only to get drawn into dispute situations when the passenger feels that the airline isn’t listening and that there’s nowhere else to go.  Typically, they’re not geared up to act as a complaints facility and so escalation often results in further delay and frustration.  What makes it worse for the regulator is that they have no commercial gain from helping out – they’re simply the mediator or enforcer.

Financial Services


We have a wealth of experience in delivering payment services to a wide range of clients.  One area where airlines often incur significant costs is in managing how crew are paid their “per diem” allowances.

With standby crew often receiving the wrong payments, a paper trail ensues that can cost an airline dearly over the year.  Our solution to this is based on a MasterCard solution from EQUALS and provides a CHIP & PIN card plus an online app to manage the account.

As an airline, you can easily manage individual accounts via an online dashboard, providing complete control, flexibility and convenience to your entire crew.




F&B wastage is a major problem for all airlines.  Historical trends are a good indicator but they’re no guarantee of the demands of the passengers who will actually board the next flight.

Our solution to this is to harness the power of gaming and to take the element of chance out of the process.  To find out more about how we make it possible for you to know what your passengers want, fill in the Contact Us form and we’ll call you to discuss the options. 

Ground Services


Getting to, through and from the airport has become a talent for some passengers. Business travellers especially have mastered the art of economical packing and leaving the timing of arrival to military precision perfection. Others favour arriving early and enjoying the experience of shopping or having something to eat and drink before a flight. Others still are in transit and are simply making the best of their time while waiting for onward flights, often browsing the delights available in the myriad of shops.

Meet & Greet

Fast Track

Lounge Access

Passengers can drive straight up to the terminal – we’ll meet them and securely park their car.

No delays, no queues – fast-track through the airport with little stress or hassle.

Give the opportunity to your passengers to relax in a tranquil lounge away from all the stresses of the airport before they fly and enjoy a drink and a snack before they board.


Baggage Handling

Visa Services

Passengers can have their baggage handled by a porter on the day of their flight.

Baggage can be collected in advance of travel and custom cleared so that passengers can just turn up at the airport and sail through unencumbered.

Passengers can use our visa assistance services to make their trip plain sailing from start to finish and in transit.

Whatever their preference, RedAir’s selection of travel services offer your passengers choice and convenience in their travel experience, at the same time affording you vital, additional income with no operational overheads.

Giving Back

It’s the ultimate in distance learning, visiting all of the UN countries over 5 years. It’s also our chance to “give back”.

At the heart of RedAir’s ethos is the idea that our success feeds the success of others, and this ethos is the driving force behind a new partnership with the Global Degree Academy to support their Global Citizen scholarship programme.

RedAir and GDA are working together to offer students the opportunity to combine travel and education, creating an around-the-world learning experience with online studies.

Introduction to Global Degree Academy – VIDEO

7 Life Lessons Learned – VIDEO

Animation Overview – VIDEO

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