Retail Solutions

Generate more revenue with innovative retail solutions

How do airlines know what products passengers want?  They work from historical data typically but that’s backwards looking, not accurately gathering insight from future passengers.  Stop looking at historical trends, and start using technology to trend in the industry!

Our solutions include gamification services to help drive real passenger insight to allow airlines to get F&B right 100% of the time – reducing wastage costs and improving profits.  They also include the ability to offer passengers discounts and rewards 24/7/365 online & on the ground as well as in the air – where they become customers rather than passengers.  They also include options to remove Duty Free trolleys and weight from aircraft while offering greater passenger choice and convenience – a win-win for all concerned.

Food & Beverage (F&B)

Some airlines include food and beverage (F&B) in the price of their tickets, some as an optional extra with onboard sales, however, what is consistent in the offer of food and beverage onboard aircraft is unnecessary waste and the cost of carrying products that don’t get used or sold. With pre-ordering, incentive schemes and promotions to help encourage passengers to order food and beverage in advance of their flights, you can reduce waste significantly and boost profit margins. Additionally, with the availability of a wider range of food and beverage options, pre-ordered before the flight and loaded prior to take off, passenger satisfaction and experience is enhanced by giving them the meal options they actually want, rather than just what’s left on the trolley.

Reduce waste, boost profits and improve satisfaction with RedAir.

Gifts & Duty Free

Carrying retail stock items on board adds extra weight to your flights in the form of one or more trolleys. Imagine if you could remove these trolleys and reduce fuel usage, costs and emissions?

With RedAir, you can offer a digital catalog which affords your passengers more choice with an extended range that you couldn’t possibly carry onboard. Couple this with the ability to deliver purchases to your passengers on the ground at arrival and you’ve not only made a smart business decision, but you’ve made life easier for your passengers and your cabin crew.

The result? Enhanced product ranges, better customer choice, higher profitability.

Passenger Discounts

Whether your passengers are travelling for business or for pleasure, the chances are they’ll all be looking to save money where they can – who doesn’t like a good deal, after all?

With RedAir, you can offer discount on hotels, car hire, restaurants, theatre tickets, electronics (including Apple) and more. Our scheme increases customer loyalty and helps keep their attention long after they’ve disembarked their flight – saving them money and keeping you in their consciousness for longer (think British Airways and Gate365).

With RedAir, you can overcome the issue that most airlines have with their mobile apps and booking portals: that they’re usually just boarding pass wallets.

Contests & Promotions

RedAir provides gamification capabilities, meaning you can offer raffles and lotteries on board your aircraft with cash payouts or cash-alternative prizes.

Such schemes can be incorporated into pre-ordering through additional ticket purchase options and support revenue generation in your wider onboard retail offering through incentivising passengers (depending on location and legal obligations).